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Look at That Acid (worth £155)


This limited-edition skincare kit contains every acid you need for clearer, brighter-looking skin.

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A Note

Acids get a bad rap. I always hear “Glycolic is too harsh” or “Retinol doesn’t work for me”. I believe it’s not the acids that are causing the real issues; it’s the Suspicious 6 that are spoiling the party – chemical sunscreens, fragrances/dyes, essential oils, SLS, drying alcohols and silicones. Get rid of those and the skin should no longer be confused, compromised or unhappy. Get rid of those and your skin can learn to love and benefit from acids.

All of our acids are formulated with healthy pH levels, so they are skin-friendly and can be mixed together. We love them so much, they earned their own kit. Just remember that your skin needs time to build up a tolerance to acids, so if you’re a newbie, go slow.

xx Tiffany


Look at That Acid (worth £155)

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